Now a teaser Announces Round Smartwatch from LG


LG G Watch RFirst it was Motorola announcing Moto 360 which differed from other smart watches available in the market because it was circular smartwatch. Now it is LG’s turn to reveal its plans for circular dial smart watches through its teaser. LG has plans to unveil this smartwatch at upcoming IFA 2014. LG has christened its circular smartwatch as G Watch R.

Features and Specifications

Though the teaser from the company revealed very little about the features and specifications, some things are foregone conclusion. For example, G Watch R would be Android watch. In addition, it would have completely metallic frame. Based on the teaser, it appears that these gadgets would have a button on side, unlike their predecessors.

Speculations about Features

Market believes that this watch from LG would have a compass, distance meter, and digital counter for counting steps.

This gadget from LG would be the only competitor for Moto 360 as of now. Much depends upon the features and specifications, which are not yet revealed by the company. They will certainly swing the balance for or against LG’s devices. However, novelty of the devices might still help if the product is priced reasonably.

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