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It seems that the Japanese have the time for everything, including creating watches that are trivial when it comes to checking out the time. TokyoFlash has come out with a lot of great looking watches but the thing is, each watches have its own way of reading it. Here are some great watches that you should check out at TokyoFlash.

Kisai Rogue Touch LED Watch

The Kisai Rogue Touch LED Watch was previously a concept watch made by a TokyoFlash fan. However, it was voted as the most popular concept watch at the time and was put into production. It is a touch screen watch and can show two different time zones at a time. The gunmetal finish will definitely put those that look at it in awe but like any TokyoFlash watches, people may be puzzled as to how the watch can be read.

Kisai Kaidoku

Instead of looking at numbers to read the time on watches, you can look at words with the Kisai Kaidoku watch by TokyoFlash. It comes with 3 different color combinations which is suitable for both men and women alike. At only $139.00 per piece, it is a great timepiece to have especially if you’re a fan of uniqueness.

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