OUYA KickStarter project received $8.9 million funding


It seems that people want a lot more than the average console nowadays. A KickStarter project called OUYA is a relatively small console but it is still powerful. It is actually an Android device which doubles as a console as well. With its small size, you will find the OUYA anything but intrusive. In addition to that, the OUYA console also comes with a lot more things such as XBMC, VEVO and a few other applications.

OUYA has been extensively covered by a lot of online media and as such, it is to no surprise that the project received a lot more than what its initial goal was. Instead of just $950,000, the project received more than $8.5 million pledged instead. This is almost ten-fold as compared with the initial goal. The OUYA comes with a console as well as a controller. Additional controller will cost the user an additional $30.

At a price tag of just $140, the OUYA is much cheaper than most gaming consoles today. However, it won’t be shipping anytime soon because the OUYA will be delivered sometime by March 2013. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how far this device will go, especially when it already has an exclusive game coming up with it as well.

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