Pebble’s New Smartwatch to be Round and Slim


Pebble Time RoundPebble is offering new smartwatches, which are closest as they can get to conventional watches. The device bears the name Pebble Time Round. These smartwatches are round gadgets. They are slim as well. The width of these devices is just 7.5 mm, making them slimmer than both Moto 360 and Apple’s smartwatch.

That slimness adds to looks as well as convenience.  However, Pebble has compromised on battery life for achieving this slimness. The battery life in previous Pebble smart watches used to last for a week, but it has come down to 2 days.  Nevertheless, this Pebble smartwatch still has longer battery life when compared to Apple’s smartwatch.

Features and Specifications

Most of the features included in the previous Pebble smartwatch, i.e., Pebble Time, such as notification support, timeline UI, and voice actions are available in this smartwatch as well. Likewise, the display is also made from e-paper that is colored.

Versions and Price

These smartwatches will be round, but the screen is confined to the central portion. Pebble is offering the device in two versions, i.e., a 20 mm diameter device for men, and a 14 mm diameter device for women.  The dia refers to the central portion.  Each of these watches will cost around $250 as of now because the product is in pre-order stage.


Pebble enjoys a decent market share in the smartwatch market. The company’s first smartwatch was launched with Kickstarter’s help. More features can only be known when the product is received by people. For now, however, it does look as if Pebble has given up the only edge it had when compared to other smartwatches, and that is battery life. Nevertheless, looks are impressive, and they might have been enough had the company priced the product more competitively.

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