Popbox – First Set-Top Box To Support RealD 3D


Popbox 3D Set-Top Box

The popbox set-top box now supports 3D. You must be knowing that 3D experience has always been far far better when compared to 2D. Popbox supports 3D but the price is still low, it is easily affordable.

The popbox becomes the first ever set-top box to support 3D Media, so far this is the only media streamer supporting 3D. So, it will be a good experience to watch 3D stuff on Set-Top box. A lot of companies might be waiting to see if this kind of idea gets a success. I am sure that a lot of companies will be launching their very own 3D set-top boxes.

So, if you are the one who love watching 3D stuff and if you can afford a 3D set-top box, go ahead and bring Popbox to your home and enjoy the 3D experience.

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