Prescription Lenses and Designer Frames now Available with Google Glass


Google GlassNow the Google Glass- wearable internet computer with its set of four titanium based frames has become compatible with prescription lenses. On Monday, Google made an announcement that the currently introduced titanium frames will come along with the Prescription lenses for Glass. Towards the end of 2014, Google is planning to launch Google Glass to the wider public.

Four Titanium Frames

Four new titanium frames are available in various styles like Thin, Split, Bold, and Curve.
Although, on Glass frames, last year Google was inclined to make Warby Parker eyewear maker, but after changing the decision Google designed in-house titanium frames. The cost of the Glass headset will be $1500, and you can own the lenses by paying additionally $225 on top of the cost of headset. However, there is Classic and Edge tinted shades also available with the price tag of $150.

More about Frames

Google Glass owners will get the 40 combinations of frames based on different shades and colors including the newly introduced titanium frame designs. So, if you want to get the retro look of 1980s, then these sunglasses will surely make you look like a big hair duds.

Moreover, with the Google Glass you can perform hands-free tasks like voice searching over the internet, displaying e-mails, suggesting directions. Apart from this Glass users can also link with the smartphones with the help of Bluetooth technology for calling and sending messages.

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