Reports saying, iWatch from Apple may have Intel Chip


iWatch has gained much popularity, however, it’s just a rumor; no confirmation from any source yet. Now, reports are claiming that this iWatch may sport chip from tech giant Intel. The info has been published on the same Chinese website, which has published the news of iWatch earlier.

Further, as per reports, this iWatch from Apple may come up with the latest interface which is running on the latest iPhone 5. However, this latest rumored gadget from Apple will be inspired by the iPad Nano; another very popular music gadget from Apple.

Additionally, there is news from the same source that it may be launched in the first half of the year 2013. It will be utilizing the blu-tooth technology; which consumes low power. A touchscreen of 1.5 inches will also be there in the gadget. Also, we can see SIRI app helping the users in running voice commands as well.

Well, the source always comes up with foolproof information on Apple’s future ventures.

On the other hand, Google is also ready to come up with “Glass”; it’s a headset which is capable to project the info, extracted from the net, through its screen. And the wearer of this gadget can then watch that particular information easily.

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