When it comes to electronic devices everyone is searching for the most versatile, the lightest, the highest definition, and the most stylish. This futuristic design takes laptops, throws in a bit of a touchscreen tablet, and adds a whole lot of style and versatility. Introducing the Rolltop.

It starts off as a small carrying device akin to a colored tube with a strap. This is the portable mode for the Rolltop. Once you set it down you can transform it into a laptop, a tablet, or even a monitor. The laptop has a 13 inch screen and a full sized keyboard. The Rolltop folds completely out and then part of the back is lifted up into the screen for the laptop. Now switch it up! Tablet time. For a tablet simply put down the laptop screen and make it flat and then it becomes a huge 17 inch tablet that is entirely touchscreen. Again, let’s change things. Now you want to watch a movie. Take the tablet and lift it up, and pull out a small support hidden at the back of the device. It stands up on its own and is able to serve as a monitor. Simply genius! Below is the full video on from their website:

There are tons more features such as standing speaker, a built in webcam, several ports, and many more! The only downside I can think of at the moment is the fact that the strap, which doubles as the power cord, may be too short and would have to be extended somehow. Other than that, this definitely an interesting turn for electronic devices and I personally cannot wait for this design to hit the shelves!

Rolltop 2.0 Video

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