Roundup Of The Most Popular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets


This one is for you diehard bikers out there, who also happen to have a passion for the latest wireless Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are now more popular than ever before, with a whole lot of brands and models introduced in the market everyday. Here, we bring you a roundup of the most popular Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. Oh, and do not forget to watch two interesting video reviews right at the end of the post.

Viper RS-V121 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The Viper RS-V121 is, today, one of the hottest Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. Having a formidable 4* SHARP rating from the UK, this flip-up helmet looks very sturdy even at first glance. Though not exactly an attention-grabber looks-wise, it does manage to create its own impression with its flashing blue light on one side and unique internal visor system, which totally covers the eyes. The base of this Bluetooth helmet is made from suede and leather, so is very durable and also comfy to wear.

One minus here is that this helmet, being a flip-up, does not really protect the wearer from high winds. The other thing is that, weighing almost 1900gms, it is definitely on the heavier side. Otherwise it fits snugly, provided you find the right size.

The Bluetooth feature of the Viper RS-V121 works really well. The installation and pairing can be easily done even by a novice and the device connects immediately after pairing. The unit has one large button which controls all major functions, like on/off, volume control, shifting from answering a call to listening to music and so on. The speaker system is good, but maybe a little unclear if you are moving at high speed. The mic is quietly tucked away inside the helmet and so, does not show outside at all.

The RS-V121 is available for $250.

Viper RS-V121

O’Neal Element Bluetooth Helmet

The O’Neal Element Bluetooth helmet, available for $269.99, is very stylish with a fairly good fit. The product is quite sturdy and the chinstrap holds the helmet steady, while also protecting the wearer from external wind. The speaker system is good, though it does irritate on a long ride. But then this happens with all headsets, so it really cannot be considered such a major problem.

The optical shield protects well. The vents, however, do not feel great and it makes very little difference to the inner airflow even when the vents are opened. The other issue is that it gets too noisy once the shield is mounted. The earphones put too much pressure on the ears, when worn too long.

The Bluetooth is the Element’s best feature. The helmet stays charged for at least 8 hours, which is very good by normal standards. Receiving calls is very easy and voice clarity is very good. The mic destroys outside sounds and so the person at the other end can hear you quite clearly. But if you ride at higher speeds, the other party may only hear you faintly.

The Element offers one extra feature of letting you communicate with another helmet user. This feature is really cool! Ease of use and being lightweight are the Element’s advantages. But this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is best suited only for street riding and not on long trips.

The Element Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

BlueAnt Interphone F4 Bluetooth Motorcycle Kit

BlueAnt has recently come out with its new Bluetooth motorcycle headset, called the Stereo F4 Interphone motorcycle kit. Totally weather-proof, the tiny device connects to both open-face and full-face helmets, also supporting A2DP for streaming music.

The BlueAnt F4 auto adjusts volume levels, thereby giving clear sound quality, even at over 100mph speeds. The other unique feature this system offers is that two riders travelling on separate bikes can communicate wirelessly with each other up to 1640 feet apart.

Additionally, the BlueAnt F4 gives the user turn-by-turn directions from his other Bluetooth-enabled GPS devices as well. The removable and rechargeable BlueAnt Interphone F4 Stereo Motorcycle Kit is now available for $225.

Check out two video reviews below, of the RS-V121 and the Element Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

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