Rumors about the Galaxy Altius Smartwatch


The first pictures of the Galaxy Altius have made its way to the net. It is a Korean portal that displayed the pictures with the name of “Altius” tagged. It is intriguing to note that the device is being announced soon after the Apple iWatch was officially announced.

South Korean carrier

Several shots reveal the name of SKT thereby hinting that the South Korean company of mobile service with the proud carrier of this device. Even though there is no concrete data to what it actually will turn out to be- Altius or Galaxy S4- it is for sure that it has a look nowhere close to the androids.

The ‘Samsung GA7’ sign at the corner states an LCD and ‘Altius OS Beta 2’ detail hints at a new operating system created especially for this gadget. The interface is a Java based, but it gives the Android-type look.

What more can be expected?

It can work as a music player, a clock and compatibility with the web because there is a sign of “2 messages” at the corner of the device. We can also notice a slider option if you take a close look, and can expect touch screen facilities.

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