‘Sakshat’ – $35 Indian Tablet Release Date Announced


Sakshat Indian Tablet

You must have heard about the $35 Indian Tablet, it has now got an official release date. Everyone is waiting for the release anxiously and the date has now been revealed.

Sakshat is going to release in the starting of the next year, sources believe that it will be releasing by 10th January 2011.

HCL will be developing these tablets for the government of India. According to a contract, 100,000 tablets will be developed in the first phase and the sources say that the government has assigned Rs 300 million ($6.5 million) for this project.

So, if you’re looking to get your hands on this tablet, then you’ll have to wait till January 2011.

Before the announcement of Sakshat, did  you ever thought that India will be taking a step to develop the world’s cheapest tablet?

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