Samsung Launches New Wearable Devices Based on Tizen


Samsung Galaxy Gear 2Gadgets manufacturer Samsung is feeling the heat of slowing smartphones market, especially the demand for high end products. In a bid to retain its market share, the company has introduced new wearable devices on 22 February, 2014 in Spain. The two new products are identified as Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 Neo. Both these devices have Samsung’s Operating system in them instead of Android.  It may be recalled that, in 2013, Samsung had introduced the first such device as Galaxy Gear.  Samsung’s popular smartphone product line, i.e., the Galaxy, is based on Android OS.

About the New Products

Like their predecessor, both Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 Neo are wristwatches. Tizen is Samsung’s in-house OS for mobile devices, which it has developed in collaboration with Intel. This new OS is expected to compete with Android OS, which belongs to Google.

Features and Specifications

The Gear 2 is equipped with a basic camera of 2 mega pixels, which is integrated in its main platform rather than on its strap. It has a screen of 1.63 inches. Bluetooth facilitates its connection to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 as well as other devices from the company. Unlike the Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo smartwatch does not include a camera. Consequently, it is also lighter by approximately 55 gm.

Specific features include ability to remotely control home appliances. A music player that is a standalone feature is also available in these smartwatches. Users get to receive or avoid both calls, as well as messages. In addition, the smart device can carry out some actions, which the user is usually habituated to.

The market for smartwatches is relatively small when compared to smartphones. Moreover, the possible size of screen and difficulty in keying in commands are unlikely to take it to places unless electronics companies are able to come up with something new and concrete, not found in smartphones. As to Tizen, market expects more features when compared to Android to be able to switch to new OS.

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