Samsung Shows Off Sci-fi Stuff- the Transparent OLED Display


Samsung OLEDElectronics manufacturers come up with innovative and unique ideas to ensure that the customers are fascinated with new gadgets. At times, the new technology brought in is crazy and awe-inspiring at the same time. Now, the talk is about Samsung. Wondering what Samsung has brought in this time? It is nothing but the 55 inch OLEDs from Samsung, and the crazy fact about them is the displays are transparent and mirrored.

The technology:

The technology of transparent and mirrored display is not new to the world, and there are many traders already had a glimpse of the same from the industry rivals, LG. But what makes Samsung OLED display is the advanced hardware components. Compared with the mirror LCDs, the reflectance level is higher. No backlighting in the ambiance is needed. Using cameras of Intel’s RealSense Samsung has mentioned specifically that measurements are taken for the mirror of the shopper’s model.


The details of availability are not mentioned by Samsung yet, but the sci-fi stuff from the manufacturer is sure to bring the new displays in large numbers in the future. But we can see that mirrors and windows get the technology of their own makes the possibility of this sci-fi tech come closer.

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