SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Stick Solves Data Storage and Data Mobility Issues


Connect Wireless StickSanDisk has come up with a new wireless storage device called Connect Wireless Stick. This memory stick is available in varying storage capacities, starting from 16GB to 128 GB. Accordingly, prices of this wireless storage also vary from $30 to $100.


Features of these gadgets include a Wi-Fi chip facilitating wireless transfers, and an internal battery that can hold a charge for four and a half hours. Actually, these devices can be used for watching an entire film. Similarly, it can be used to supplement existing storage space in either the mobile phone or desktop. The device can be easily plugged into the USB port on Android devices, iPhone, desktops, etc.

USB flash drive vs. Sandisk’s SanDisk Connect wireless stick

Unlike USB “flash drive”, SanDisk’s device does not need to be connected to the smartphones, but it should be at a reasonable distance. Sandisk’s device has more storage as well.


It is now possible to wirelessly move data from personal computing gadgets such as desktops, to mobile phones, and vice versa from mobile phones to desktops. So far USB “flash drives” allowed movement of data from desktops to mobile phones or vice versa. But with SanDisk’s memory stick, the process has become easier; if not perfect primarily because more of such data can be moved at one go. The product will certainly be appreciated, but what people would be looking for is further improvement, especially in memory size. It is still too little for contemporary needs because of which data movement though easier than before is still an issue.

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