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Tron Watch

There was a time when it was difficult to think about a design of a gadget which could be unique and attractive at the same time, but now the time has changed, people are getting new ideas from the movies. We have already seen a Tron Mouse and now it’s the turn of a Tron watch.

Scott Galloway recently presented his ‘Seven-R-Zero-N’ watch which is inspired from the movie ‘Tron’. This watch has got a unique design and one can see the lights all around. It has got attractive looks but I guess it might be a little difficult to figure out the time shown in that watch.

7R0N Watch

Now, here’s a question for the readers of New Gadget, if you have this watch with you, how much time will it take you to figure out the actual time in the watch?

[via yanko design]

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  1. siddhesh says:

    its actually great at looks…. i wished i had one!!

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