Sony’s next wonder comes in as a world’s lightest touchscreen e-reader


Sony has once again come in highlights as it has become the proud maker of world’s lightest ever 6” touchscreen e-reader, the Reader Wi-Fi. The public became aware of this Sony’s next wonder gadget when the device was announced in a Sony’s press conference.

Exceptional Features

There’s also good news for Harry Potter fans as they’ll get a special version of e-reader together with Pottermore website. This will enable them to download first Harry Potter e-book for free from Pottermore. It is the also the very first e-reader that offers wireless access to public library for the users you want to issue e-books from their public library.


The reader is similar to previous 6” e-reader except for the size (8.9mm thin) which is smaller and light weight (168 gm). Reader Wi-Fi will provide wireless connectivity to public library system in US and Canada through dedicated icons on device making borrowing of e-books easy and convenient said Sony. In addition to this, users will also have access and permit to download 250,000+ titles over Wi-Fi from Reader store and websites.

E-reader was launched for German market in the presence of the maker of the device, Kobo. It will available for €149 from October 1, 2011. The Sony reader Wi-Fi and reader Wi-Fi alongwith Pottermore promotion will be released in Oct this year at $149.

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  1. Dl says:

    Ohhh why bother? how about something NEW? I use my IPOD btw as an ereader, cool thing too is they can’t say TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES, yet I can text from my IPOD, but it’s not a CELL PHONE right? LOL

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