Sony Intends to Showcase its Smart Glass Product at CES 2015


Sony GlassGadgets world eagerly waits for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. In the 2015 event, which as usual will be held in January, Sony intends to showcase a new smart glass product. This product as the name suggests is a competitor for Google Glass.

Pros and cons of Sony’s Glass Product

For starts, it is not necessary to get a particular frame for it. The device’s lens module can only be lodged on to an existing structure of eyeglass.  But in the process the device becomes rather bulky and may prove to be uncomfortable.

Features of Sony’s Glass Product

Since this is a smart glass, it goes without saying that there is a microdisplay in its single screen. The display screen is an OLED display. Almost all the features of Google Glass are available in this device as well. Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity is feasible in this because of two modules that are to be worn at the temples. This will certainly improve the overall functionality of the device.

CES 2015 is still a few weeks away, and gadgets lovers can plan their next year’s purchases based on what they see on the show. Sony’s Glass is certainly something to look forward to, considering the market it is going to cater to. This segment has a lot of potential and the market is far from saturated unlike smartphone market. On the whole, Sony seems to have hit the bull’s eye and might even steal the thunder right under Google Glass’s nose provided the pricing is just right.

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