Sony’s Launched its SmartBand Fitness Tracker in 2014 Consumer Electronics Show


sony-smartband-lifelog-app-fitness-activity-trackerNow that CES 2014 has opened with annual fanfare, gadgets savvy people are talking about various devices shown in it. There were many fitness trackers this time, but Sony’s SmartBand deserves a mention. Basically, this device keeps track of user’s physical activity just like any fitness tracker is supposed to do. In addition, it records social activities such as phone calls. Sony Smartband also tracks entertainment activities like media playback. Effectively, it becomes like the person’s diary.


Physically, it is a simple band to be worn on wrists like a watch. It is available in different colors such as green, black, and gray. However, it is stylishly designed apart being waterproof device. Sony claims that the rechargeable battery can last up to 5 days.  There is a white colored rectangular but slightly curved detachable unit in this gadget, which can be separated from the band if the user does not wish to be wearing it constantly. The detachable unit or core has a button called “LifeBookmark”. Even the wristband has such a button.


At the heart of this device is Lifelog, which is an application based on Android OS. It records all the activities of the person during the day, whether it is from the core unit, or the wristband. In addition, this tracker also connects to smartphones thanks to Lifelog application and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. It uses accelerometer sensors for quantifying steps, and translating them into calories burnt. The device does not include any GPS system.

The device may be useful to an extent, but there are several other devices in the same category, including the one showcased by LG at the same CES. Even though the market for such products is large, in the long run, such applications would possibly become an integral part of watches or cell phones. For a while though, big players like Sony would make some money, and wipe out smaller competitors because of their name.

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