Specs of Nintendo 3DS leaked, expected Price & Release Date


Nintendo 3DSNintendo recently announced a new gaming console – Nintendo 3DS which is a handheld gaming console that flaunts the unique feature of letting the gaming enthusiasts enjoy 3D games without those 3D glasses. Nintendo 3DS is a post-successor to Nintendo DS/DSi and it will be backward compatible with all the game titles which were launched for DS/DSi.

Full unveiling of the specs of Nintendo 3DS along with features and price details were scheduled to be revealed at the E3 conference later this year(2010), but there was a leak of its specifications over the internet. So here’s a sneak peak at the leaked specifications for the Nintendo 3DS:


–          Two 266MHz ARM11 Processor

–          One 133MHz GPU

–          4MB VRAM

–          64MB RAM

–          1.5GB flash store

–          SD card slot

Release Date

Expected release date is somewhere in 2011

Nintendo 3DS Price

Price is expected to be between $150 – $200

Well, these specs look great to me, especially the ‘Dual Processors’ which would prove to be good enough to provide that mind numbing 3D experience. Now, let’s just sit back and hope that Nintendo releases it soon enough, because after reading those marvellous specifications of the Nintendo, I can’t wait for that glassless 3D experience. Can you?

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