The Hoverbike


Okay lets break up the monotony of handheld gadgets and spice things up a bit! Ya iPhone’s are cool, and computers are pretty nifty, but what about a flying bike?! Ya, your ears perked up a bit on that one.

The Hoverbike takes motorcycles to a whole new level! No wheels on this bad boy, instead its got two bulky circular fans, one on the front, and one on the rear, each of which is used to make this bike ‘hover’. The seat of this wild ride is akin to a motorcycles, with handle bars that you hold onto and use to control, and numerous monitors on the front.

So who wants to take a ride now? If so, prepare to feel a lot like Tron when you’re on this bike. Not only is this bike capable of reaching speeds of 170+miles an hour, but it can hover at 10,000 feet! Unfortunately you can’t purchase this bike (yet) but when it does come out I’ll definitely be in line to buy this vehicle!

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  1. Selling my new car to acquire money for this NOW!

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