The Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset is Here!


Sony has now released its brand new HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer. This is a unique headgear that gives you a 3D effect of the content on screen. This hot number from Sony is no doubt going to catch and hold the fancy of all you gadget freaks out there.

How it Works

The HMZ-T1 has two screens, each with an OLED display. Each of these screens is centered right in front of your eyes. The set also includes speakers that cover your ears, thereby providing you true surround sound. The headset is completely adjustable, and so, you can easily fit it to your size. Once you get all the straps adjusted to your head, you can comfortably sit back and wait for some real great fun.

An HDMI pass through box is placed between the viewer and the video source. Once you plug the source into the back end of the device, it is ready for use. You also have volume controls and menu options in the device itself. For other more advanced options, you can work with your usual remotes.

You may wonder how it would feel with the screen being so close to the eyes. But strangely, the entire effect is that of sitting in a theater and feels absolutely comfy. Of course, you can see the screen edges once if you move your eyes around. That is a wee bit of a disappointment.

Pros of the Sony HMZ-T1

  • One of the best 3D viewing systems, this one is great as far as viewing is concerned
  • The video performance is great and so is the audio and display of colors on screen
  • Though it does have its defects, it still makes for great 3D viewing and that is a big plus
  • Cons of the Sony HMZ-T1

  • The surround sound effect leaves room for some improvement
    Wearing the heavy headset for a long time could cause you some amount of irritation, especially if you did not fit it well enough
  • The headset wearer may end up feeling slightly claustrophobic sometimes, as it seems to shut them out of everything else
  • It is not very light, and so, not extremely portable. Besides, the pass through box has to be used along with it, which makes long distance travel nearly impossible with it
  • Conclusion

    The downside notwithstanding, the Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV is still very much worth it. It may make you feel slightly uncomfortable at times, but then it is also an experience to remember. regular theater 3D experience. At $700, this is quite a 3D gadget, with which you can watch movies and play games as well.

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