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This one is for you RC boating enthusiasts. Most of us just love water (that list includes me too!) and getting into a fast boat is a thrill like no other. There are numerous types of boats available in the market today – you get to choose from a huge variety of great RC boats.

The different categories of RC boats include the engine types and the hull types. The former variety includes electric, flash steam, gas and nitro boats, whereas the latter comprises hydro, cat, outrigger, mono and eco boats.

Boats can also be classified on the basis of battery type and count. While any type of boat is good for you if you are an amateur, you will truly appreciate the RC or radio controlled boat if you like extreme speed.

In this post, we bring you a feature on the world’s fastest RC boat.

An RC boat is basically a boat that is controlled remotely by radio control equipments. Generally, RC power boats are much faster than standard RC boats available in the market.

General design of the C-1 RC boat

The fastest RC boat recorded so far is a gas-powered C-1 boat, which can work up speeds up to 200mph. It contains a water cooled engine from Kyosho. For those not in the know, Kyosho is an inboard unit that is responsible for propelling this water vehicle.

This engine, jointly designed by Lamborghini, is usually used even for full sized boat racing. At full throttle, the boat just jumps ahead and acquires immediate acceleration, which is absolutely impressive to watch. So much is its initial thrust that the lightweight catamaran almost flies out the water, immediately at start.

The look and feel of this boat is much similar to real boats. It also additionally is very sturdy and stable, even while making sharp and sudden turns in the water. This strong feel is all thanks to the boat’s general design and powerful outdrive.

C-1 RC Boat

C-1 as a racing boat

Not for nothing is the Lamborghini C-1 CAT termed as the world’s fastest RC boat. This is in fact quite the favorite among racing enthusiasts, since it gives the user both stability and speed – two things that are most important for racing.

The engine of the C-1 contains a recoil starter, which helps it accelerate immediately while powered on. Added to this, its general performance and drive efficiency prevent the catamaran while capsizing even at insane speeds.

This boat also has a feature called reverse flow, which puts pressure at the rear of the hull to automatically drain out water from the hull. Additionally, the hull is so built as to let it float on the surface for a long time, making it almost impossible for it to sink.

Not only this, the engine is mounted with rubber, so as to reduce the catamaran’s noise levels while on the water. The one-piece turn and vertical fin and flaps also help prevent spinouts, especially during high-speed boating sessions.

Below is a video of the fastest RC boat, the Lamborghini C-1 CAT. Check it out and let us know your opinion of it.

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