Touch Enabled Smartwatch Coming soon from Microsoft


Wall Street journal has reported that soon we will be seeing a smart watch that will be enable by touch features and the process of development is on its way. Microsoft has contacted Asian suppliers for shipping out the device parts. Microsoft seems to be working on the line of giants like Apple, Google and Samsung to launch the wearable devices in the market. However, official confirmation of the rumor is still pending from Microsoft.

It is a second attempt

This may be called the second attempt to launch a smart watch in the market for Microsoft. The first time was in the year 2004, when we saw the Spot, a unique device that could work Radio signals for messaging. It had a paid subscription, and you could get weather forecasts from it. But in 2008, the production came to a halt.

News strikes against news

It was only last week that IDC reported that quarter one of 2013 has seen the lowest sales of PC. The release of Windows 8 even could not bring any change in this industry. But with this rumor Microsoft is yet again in the positive side of matters- it is releasing a new gadget!

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