Unintentional Leak by Best Buy for Moto 360’s Features


Moto 360Gadgets market now has some idea about the features and price of Motorola’s smart watch, i.e., Moto 360, thanks to an unintentional leak by Best Buy. For starters, the gadget would cost $250, making it one of the costliest smart watches around. LG’s G Watch costs $229 and Samsung’s Gear Live $200. So what does that additional $50 fetch?


Motorola is offering considerably elegant, smart watch. It is round shaped so it resembles conventional watches. If what Best Buy has revealed is to be trusted, it will have 1.5 inch LCD screen. This backlit touch screen would have resolution o 205 pixels in every inch or 320 x 290 pixels.

What it won’t have

Motorola is offering Gorilla Glass 3, which is a disappointment in an era of sapphire glass. As yet, only some of the features of Moto 360 are leaked. They are unconfirmed of course. Therefore, it is hard to assess how market would receive this product and how much its eventual market share would be. $50 would weigh heavily on minds of people especially since there is no sapphire glass protection being offered. Let us wait and watch to see what Moto is bringing in Moto 360.

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