Unite hotspot touchscreen from AT&T –soon to hit the market


AT&T has confirmed the Unite Hotspot gadget from Sierra Wireless, and it will soon see the light of day. It is endowed with a Touch Screen and will use the AT&T 4G LTE, a network that is already available in many places. Surely after, the MiFi Liberate endowed with excellent battery life and impressive speed, from Novatel Wireless, we want the same incredible performance from the Hotspot.

Attractive plans…

The MiFi Liberate has been launched in September, and the device is priced at $49.99. But till now there is no declaration when the Hotspot will be released, neither has been any data supplied regarding the price. But one can add it with the program of data sharing from AT&T for only twenty bucks a month with individual and family plans to avail. Isn’t it a good deal?

Attractive features….

The unique features apart from a 2.4 inch touch screen,  it can get itself connected to as many as ten Wi-Fi devices. The onscreen tab will display the data used, and let navigation between devices and networks simple. It will also forbid other devices from getting connected and singularly manage all connected devices.

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