What’s a “Cool Gadget”?


Here at New Gadget we feature hot new mobile devices, the latest next-generation consumer technologies, and many gadgets that can easily be said to be “cool”. But our “Cool Gadget” category is a little bit different.

In the Cool Gadgets section of our site, we focus on a special subset of all interesting gadgets. Many are cool, but these are NewGadget.org cool. Here’s a list of the three main criteria that we think make a gadget cool.


We think creative gadgets are cool. A device that takes a different approach to solving an old problem. Innovation alone isn’t enough – making things faster or more powerful is nice, but it’s really more of the same. A creative gadget has that spark of ingenuity that says, “I wish I had thought of that first!” or “Why didn’t I think of that?” We like unique, out-of-the-ordinary gadgets. Things that surprise us.


What’s better than a super multiplexing whiz-bang gadget-o-monster? One that actually does something useful or practical of course! Some of our favorite gadgets are made to make our lives easier, from tablets to mobile phones, from GPS to pacemakers. Of course, these are the practical devices of the past. What are the practical devices of the future? We’ll feature them here!


There are many exciting new tools and gizmos out there designed for experts. But we like to feature things that the majority of us actually care about. We’ll share with you new gadgets that we think are relevant to you – that you might share with a friend, want to buy for yourself, or maybe just think is funny. And if we ever get too technical on you, feel free to drop a comment on a post. We won’t bite, I promise!

So with these three criteria in mind – Creative, Practical, and Relevant – we hope you enjoy our picks for “Cool Gadgets” on NewGadget.org!

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