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WICO Stylus

WICO has launched ‘WICO Touchscreen Stylus’. This stylus is currently available for the phones and devices which have resistive touchscreen.

WICO touchscreen stylus is a unique stylus. Unlike other stylus, one can wear it this on his index finger just like a ring. It is very comfortable and it won’t interrupt in the functioning of your index finger, you will still be able to move your finger in the same way as you usually do.

You can wear WICO stylus as a ring everytime and whenever you need a stylus, slide the side button and your ring will turn into a stylus, when you’re done with your work slide it back and turn it into a fashionable ring.

WICO Touchscreen Stylus

Another good thing about WICO stylus is that the slider button is present on the left side of the ring. If you have your phone in your left hand and you wear the stylus on your right hand’s index finger you can use the same thumb to slide in and out the stylus thing. However this can be a demerit for the left handers, but they can still use it.

You can see this stylus in action in the following videos –

P.S. – These videos are not recorded by me, these are the official videos of WICO Touchscreen Stylus.

#1. – How to WICO

#2. – Put WICO on your Finger

#3. – Touchscreen Stylus WICO

#4. – Touch Screen Stylus WICO

5. – WICO Demo on Samsung

Feature of WICO Touchscreen Stylus –

– WICO Touchscreen Stylus makes it easier for the user to write on the touchscreen.

– This stylus helps the user in achieving accurate clicks.

– You can wear it as a ring on your index finger and it won’t interrupt with your finger.

– It has a clip, so you can clip it to your pockets just like you clip a pen.

Colors –

WICO stylus is available in vibrant colors, that includes blue, pink, green, yellow and pewter.

Price –

This super cool stylus is available for $12.99 but it is currently available on a sale price of $9.99. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your WICO stylus today.

Now comes the rating part –

I have personally tried the WICO Touchscreen Stylus for 2 days on a resistive touch screen and I was quite happy with the results. Here are my ratings for the WICO product –

Design – 8/10

No doubt that the design is awesome, but as I mentioned above there is something missing for the left handers ;).

Features – 9/10

This stylus not only eases up your tasks but works perfectly with the resistive touchscreen.

Uniqueness – 10/10

WICO stylus is based on a unique idea and that does makes it a ‘wonderful’ product.

Durability – 7/10

This stylus is made up of plastic and the durability is good but I still feel that it needs a bit of improvement in the durability part.

Price – 9/10

The stylus has an awesome design and is full of different features and it is definitely worth the price.

So, it is a must have product, if you really want a feature-rich, stylish and fashionable stylus for operating a resistive touchscreen go for it and you won’t regret.

WICO will soon be launching a stylus for operating a capacitive touchscreen as well.

You can buy WICO Stylus here – Buy WICO Stylus.

[Website – WICO Stylus]

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