You could wear Pebble Time Watches in Steel this NFL Season


Pebble SmatwatchBy pre-ordering Pebble Time steel variant, you may receive these smart watches within eight weeks. This means you can flaunt them at this season’s pennant races and NFL matches.

Features of the Pebble Time’s Steel Variant

There are not many new features to write home about. Much of the machine remains the same with slight improvements. The small LCD panel is 64-color display so colors are limited as well as muted. This screen, however, is not as reflective. Therefore, using it indoors is not a problem. The gap between the LCD panel and glass lens is also narrowed down in this device.  For now, the Pebble Time’s steel variant is cross-platform. Other changes include a better looking display and battery life has also been increased.

Cost and Resale

Pebble Time sells its steel variant for $299 whereas the smartwatch with leather straps is sold for $249. The company has only these two variants in its product line. The company’s promos suggest that this watch with steel frame would have resale value.


Resale value or not, smartwatches are difficult to use and have limited functionality. The features that are present on these watches need to be enhanced such as the creation of virtual screens that are considerably larger, and other keys that are easier to use. The steel Pebble Time variant may be greeted by gadgets world, but the demand will not be sustained simply because new technologies keep surfacing.

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