A New Polaroid Android Smart Camera Enters the Arena!


All of you are familiar with smartphones, cameras, camera phones and camera smartphones. But have you ever heard of a smart camera? Well, this is what we are going to feature in this post. Polaroid, the company best known for manufacturing cameras, has now come out with a neat new concept. Basically a rebrand of the Aigo A8 which featured at the CES 2011, this one actually packs in a 16MP point-and-shoot camera, along with an Android smartphone.

This new Polaroid smart camera (should it be called smartphone camera or smartcamera phone?!) has been christened the SC1630 Android HD Smart Camera. It comes with WCDMA and GSM radios, plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and even an FM antenna. Sporting a 3.2” capacitive touchscreen display, it also includes 512MB RAM, 512MB built-in memory, micro SIM slot, micro USB, 2.5mm headphone jack, plus proximity and G-sensors. The anti-shake camera includes 3X optical zoom and 5X digital zoom; supports geotagging; and can capture 720p video.

Featured at the CES 2012, this camera seems a bit heavier than your normal digicam. However, it is still small enough to fit comfortably into your pocket. The form factor does not look very appealing right now, but one must remember that the product shown in the photographs is just a demo version. Battery life of the camera is also another concern, as it does not seem to last too long for now. The picture and video quality, however, is much better than one could expect in such a small device.

The Polaroid SC1630 makes use of the company’s proprietary compression technology, which enables users to size their photos in such a way that sharing them online would not cost too much in terms of data charge.

A spokesperson for Polaroid said that the company is in talks with several carriers to offer this device with both prepaid and service contract options. Also, the addition of an LTE radio on this smart camera is a possibility in the final version of the product.

Slated to arrive in April this year, the Polaroid SC1630 will be priced at $299. Well, we are impatiently awaiting the official release of this smart camera. How about you?

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