Alpha A99, Sony’s flagship full-frame DSLR


Full-frame cameras are a rarity because many manufacturers only have a few of their cameras that are of that kind. Sony’s last full-frame DLSR was the A900 which was its top-end camera. However, the A900 was produced more than 4 years ago making it obsolete when it comes to competing with the big guns such as the Canon 5D Mark III which is a more recent device. That is why the company had decided to release a new full-frame DSLR which is the Sony Alpha A99.

The Sony Alpha A99 doesn’t come in cheap because it will cost the user $2,800 for one of these. This makes it almost the same price as Canon’s latest full-frame offering as well. Inside the camera is an Exmor sensor which is capable of capturing up to 24.3 megapixel images. In addition to that, ISO is at a maximum of 102,400 thanks to its increased photodiode area. As far as comparison is concerned, there are no other Sony camera that could match its performance.

As we mentioned before, it comes with a price tag of $2,800. The release date for this device is on October although there has yet to be a definite date for it. If you have always been a Sony fan, then you might just want to pick up this camera.

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