Android cameras made by Samsung?


Android is a truly versatile operating system, no doubt about that. There are already TV media players and set top boxes that are powered by Android. It is one of the most sought after mobile operating system due to its open-source nature as well as because of its limitless possibilities. In addition to all the other electronic devices, there is one that Samsung wishes to put Android into and that is the point-and-shoot camera category.

The company had been giving hints out saying that they are trying to make a smart camera which would be better than the conventional ones. On top of that, they have also been hinting one operating system in particular, which is Android. This is not a surprise though because the Korean based company have had a number of collaboration with Google when it comes to Android. In fact, it is suspected that a prototype has already been on the way although it will take some time before it will be released into production.

Some of the possibilities of an Android camera would be a capacitive screen on which users can use some of the multi-touch gestures to get around the screen. In fact, there might also be a Wi-Fi capability where users can share their photos from one device to the other. Basically, the possibility is endless and the future does seem interesting at this point.

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