Canon announces 5DM2 replacement, the 5D Mark III


Nikon has already announced 2 cameras that will be competing with both the 5DM2 and the 1Dx. It is about time that Canon challenged that with a replacement to the already famous 5D Mark II. This has been anticipated for quite some time and thus on March, comes the announcement of the 5D Mark III.

The sensor inside the 5D Mark III is a 22.3 MP full-frame CMOS sensor. Canon mentioned that this is definitely an improvement over the old 5D Mark II as it has faster processing, improved noise reduction and a lot more. There is definitely a noticeable difference between the two devices in terms of performance. Unlike its predecessor, users will be able to shoot videos at various resolution and fps. Some new ones include 720p shots at 50 and 60 fps. However, one of the few things that many people complaint about is the reduction in bitrates when it comes to shooting videos at certain resolutions. Some also complaint about the lack of clean HDMI amongst many others.

The 5D Mark III is expected to be available sometime in the end of March at a price of $3,499 with body only. For some that might not be able to afford this one, they can look forward to a reduced price 5D Mark II instead.

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