Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 Samples Released


Canon released photo and video samples of it new DSLR camera, the EOS 5D Mark 3 and says that the camera is not only expedient for portrait snapshots but will work perfect for landscape photography too. With a 22.3 MP CMOS sensor, high autofocus system, and high ISO support. The burst mode at 6 frames per second allows photography of fast moving animal photography. It will go on sale at $3499 later this month. The exact release dates globally has not been released yet.


The sample shots of the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 were released today- one at ISO 800 at 8 s shutter speed and the other uses a 0.6 s shutter speed at an ISO of 6400. However, Canon has not released the full HD photo and video samples from the Mark 3- only downscaled footage suited for viewing in the web has been released.

Important Specifications

The DSLR camera uses a new 22.3 MP sensor with DIGIC 5+ image processor from Canon, and the 61 AF point autofocus systems like that in Canon’s most celebrated gadgets– the EOS-ID X. The much-awaited DSLR camera has been touted as one of the best for professionals from Canon.

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