Canon has prototype DSLR that can shoot 4K videos


Sure, a lot of people have heard about Full HD videos but have you heard about 4K videos? 4K is a format unfamiliar to many simply because there are little to no playback devices capable of rendering a 4K video due to its high resolution. However, that does not stop Canon to create a DSLR with 4K recording capability.

Currently, the DSLR is still in its prototype which means that the time on which it will be released is still unknown but based on the press release by Canon, we managed to get some technical specifications of the new DSLR.

It will feature a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor and it will be capable of recording 4K videos at a frame rate of 24P. In addition to that, users will be able to use EF lenses which mean that there won’t be an need of buying different type of lenses such as the one with the Canon C-series cameras.

This new prototype will give an even higher benchmark than what the Canon 5D Mark II did. Canon will soon market this camera under its “EOS Movie” campaign which aims to further market their DSLR which are capable of bringing industry standard images.

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