Canon officially releases 1D-X at a price of $6,800


Not many people would like to spend a whopping amount of $6,800 for a camera but then again, it isn’t just any people who would want to get their hands on the EOS 1D-X. This DSLR was released earlier by Canon and is geared not to enthusiasts but to professionals who wish to upgrade their old 1D bodies.

What makes the 1D-X stands out amongst the crowd? It isn’t just the price tag but it is Canon’s second full-frame camera after the 5D Mark II. Surprisingly, even previous versions of the professional class 1D did not make it as a full-frame camera.

Besides being a full-frame camera, users can burst at up to 14fps or 11fps for RAW files which is impressive. This means that now professional photographers can use a full-frame camera capable of shooting sports or under high-speed condition on which the 5D Mark II was not able to due to its paltry frame per second.

In addition to that, the camera works terribly good under low lighting conditions as it sports an ISO up to 204,000. However, some may complain that the megapixel amount of the camera is lower than most cameras today but then again, megapixels are insignificant when it comes to camera.

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