Canon Previews 120-Megapixel Camera Sensor


Canon 120 Megapixel Sensor

Canon Cameras have always been one of the top-selling digital cameras all around the world. Today morning, Canon previewed a futuristic camera with one of the world’s largest camera sensor ever.

The camera sensor which is mentioned over here is a 120 megapixel APS-H sized CMOS sensor. It is believed that this kind of camera sensor could click full 13280×9184 still images at up to 9.5 frames per second and the sensor could record 1080p.

There was a previous sensor of 50 megapixel in 2007 which has never been used in any model yet.

Canon might come up with a camera based on this sensor soon, but there is no such news from Canon yet and we can do nothing but to wait until something pops out.

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