Canon SX230 HS – a PowerShot with the GPS mode


After several years of when the compact cameras have large gaps to the quality of their image, things began to change for the better. Backlit sensors appearance brought a new spirit in this market. Canon SX230 HS is a compact camera equipped with HS, a large optical zoom lens and a GPS module. To find out why we liked this model, read on.

Solid construction

Canon SX230 HS is compact with large optical zoom and wants to compete with Panasonic’s TZ series or Nikon S9100. When the lens is extended to the maximum, you hardly believe it that fits into a body so thin. For its case, Canon used a very well finished metal and silver plastic band that blends well with the design of the device.

The wheel with the shooting mode have been moved back, on the right of the screen and can be used as support for your thumb. Initially I wanted to complain about lack of its grip areas, but the device stays well in hand without it. A higher area near the trigger indicates the GPS mode. If you are not fans of photos with geographical location, you can search the Canon SX220 HS (we will soon come with an article about it). It differs from the present one only by the lack of its GPS module.

As we have seen, the Canon SX230 HS doesn’t bring to many surprises in terms construction. On the right of the screen of 3″ we will find a wheel with buttons and a directional selection, surrounded by four regular buttons. The start button was put quite ergonomically located above the screen. Its battery and SD card slot, sharing the same place at the bottom of the device and on one side we will find the MiniHDMI and miniUSB connectors, covered with a plastic lid.

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