Check out the new X20 Fujifilm and X100S Fujifilm at CES


Photography aficionados must check out the latest Fujifilm X20 and X100s immediately at CES because Fujifilm has given some attractive features to each these gadgets and is claiming X100S to be the fastest auto focused camera with the AF of 0.8 seconds.

The X100s

The X100 has a new successor that is speculated to draw attention especially with the claim of the fastest autofocus of 0.8 seconds. It has a sensor that is the new APS-C CMOS 2 X-trans 16MP, with the similar f/2 lens. The aperture is of 24mm f/2 with a guaranteed full-frame performance. The hybrid viewfinder is also improved with display capability of dual images on the screen to be done manually. It can combine both.

The X20

The X20 is primarily an advanced version of the X10, and it is supported with a 2/3 inch 12MP CMOS sensor.  The Non-hybrid viewfinder has been advanced so that the f/2- 2.8 barrel zoom lens gives you perfect shooting experience in 4X magnification. Additionally it can also shoot HD clarity of video in 1080p resolution.

Camera lovers will surely love the advance internal features of  X20 and X100s but maintained the look of their predecessors. However, the availability and pricing are still to be revealed.

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