CineSkates and CineSquid to simplify video shooting


Cinetics might be a company that a lot of people have not heard of but in the DSLR videography community, it is a company worth knowing especially when they produce great systems at a good price. They currently have two products which are called CineSkates and CineSquid and both are funded through KickStarter as well.

CineSkates goes back from as long as six months ago and it received more than 2000 backing as well. In fact, it was so successful that instead of needing a pledge of only $20,000, the company received more than $480,000 in pledge instead. CineSkates is a dolly system which comprises of a ballhead, Focus Tripod by Joby and three CineSkates wheels. The device is pretty impressive and is very much versatile thanks to the Focus Tripod. However, those that want to use it for other types of tripod may need to wait because CineSkates currently fit only Focus.

CineSquid on the other hand is another KickStarter project which is a suction tripod. This is an excellent piece of equipment especially when shooting in a car. Through the Focus tripod, users can get videos in different angle with much ease. In fact, Cinetics stated that it works great on any smooth surface.

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