Curtains Raised over the Smallest Camera- Sony A5100: Priced at 550 Pounds


Sony A5100For camera lovers there is some good news! Recently Sony has unveiled the APS C-E A5100 that boasts to have the smallest sensor and built in flash with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The compact system cameras from Sony

The Sony A5100 has replaced NEX 5T and is the flag bearer of the compact system of Sony cameras. Sony claims it to be the smallest in the market, but is it smaller than the Panasonic GM1? Keeping the contentions aside, this camera allows you to download applications to be run on its software from Sony PlayMemories Store. The gadget is also capable of connecting fast with other cameras and devices with NFC technology.


The Sony A5100 is coupled with an enormous Pixels 24.3 million; APS Exmor CMOS C sized sensor plus Bionz X as in the A7 line of cameras. It is also equipped with a touchscreen that can be tilted 180 degrees. Sony has also stretched its limits by including touch sensitivity. Regarding connectivity, it works excellent on Wi-Fi.

Want to click some real masterpieces? You could rely on this camera because it has 179 phase detection points for capturing faster action.

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