Fujifilm X10 – EXR sensor with DSLR class for compact range


Fujifilm X10, the accessible version of the X100 model represents a compromise solution between the point-and-shoot models from the compact range and the high-end versions represented by very powerful DSLR models, but expensive and bulky.

Putting quality first, X10 uses a EXR image sensor with voice, directly borrowed from the world of DSLR models. Measuring 2/3 inch, the sensor with CMOS Exmor technology is the largest model in the EXR range achieved so far that offers a 12MP resolution and can get pictures using ISO 3200 or even ISO 12800 if we opt for a low resolution.

The objective supports 4X optical zoom and is optimized to maximize the amount of light sent to the image sensor, enabling to obtain high quality pictures in any situation. The aperture range from F2.0 for close obtained photos.

Fujifilm X10 can get pictures in burst of 7 frames per second in native resolution, or even 10 fps if you reduce the image resolution by half. Video capture function supports 1080p resolution and can be used including the panoramic pictures, obtained rotating the device.

Among the manual settings available include a dedicated button for exposure control and additional buttons on the back side. We can manually adjust ISO values, dynamic range, noise and film simulation, and among the image compression options we also have available the RAW mode.

Despite its small size, Fujifilm X10 integrates an optical viewfinder, sitting next to the LCD screen and on top we have a port for the external flash.

Fujifilm X10 will be available starting from November for an estimated price of about half of the X100 model, currently marketed for the amount of $1,200.

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