Fun with Kodak’s Playfull Waterproof Camera


Most of the people aren’t fascinated by the exquisite and fancy features on their camcorders. All they want is a cheaper and affordable camera which is capable of uploading videos and pictures on social networking sites. Kodak has unveiled its Kodak Playfull waterproof camera which is apt for people who belong to the above category.

Features of Playfull

Playfull is available in a simple and compact design in black and white colors. The best feature of the camera is that it is waterproof to 10-feet and is also dust proof. It has a storage space of 18 Mega Bytes for internal storage. Additionally the camera is compatible with SDHC cards having memory up to 32GB. Other features include digital zoom of 2x and has the capability to click 1 Mega Pixel snaps and video shooting (Res 720p) at 30 frames per sec.

Glare Shield

A unique feature which Playfull exhibits is its “Glare Shield” that adjusts the LCD so that it’s possible to view it in sunlight. It also offers a number of integrated effects and is equipped with Li-Po Battery. Also, the device comes with a charging USB that you can use for online synchronization as well. The cost of this gadget with 4 GB card is $119.95 and the other without it is for $99.95.

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