Is The Canon PowerShot SD900 Your Kind Of Camera?


The Canon SD900 Digital ELPH is a very sharp and stylish-looking camera with a retracting lens. This stunning 10MP imager with the Canon-branded 3x optical zoom, 2.0EV exposure, three metering modes to manipulate lighting and 11 scene modes, makes it very easy to handle even for downright amateurs in photography. We now bring you detailed features of the Canon PowerShot SD900 ELPH. Read on to decide if this one is your kind of camera.


The latest Canon ELPH has this gorgeous titanium body. Though it looks bulky, it actually is quite compact and fits snugly into your palm. The good thing here is that this camera can stand up on either end and also on the side, which makes it truly useful. The weight of the camera lies mainly in the center, which stabilizes the camera.

The Canon SD900 comes with a Mode dial design, which makes it easy to shift modes. The shutter button is quite large and is ringed with the Zoom lever. This clever design makes it very easy to spot the button.


The Canon SD900 has a huge display screen with optical viewfinder, which gives a good shot, no matter what the light conditions outside may be. Its 230,000 pixels, with an extremely wide angle, gives the user better resolution than most other digicams.


The Canon SD900 ELPH rates much better than most other digicams, performance-wise. it is faster as regards startup, autofocus shutter lag, prefocus shutter lag, cycle time, download speed and shutdown. The flash cycle time is more or less average.

The Canon SD900 also offers a long-exposure mode, which lets the user set exposure time for up to 15 seconds. The other features of this digicam include an impressive 2.5” LCD display with optical viewfinder and very wide ISO sensitivity range, from 100 to 1,600, also adding a Scene mode at ISO 3,200 for better clarity. This, clubbed with Face Detection, make this digicam good enough to count as one of the top imaging devices.

Shutter Priority Mode and Aperture Priority are absent. So you will have to try and avoid camera shake. Setting a high ISO is the best option – the resultant noise in the photograph can be healed with software.

The Macro performance of the SD900 ELPH is good too, letting the user capture the actual look and texture of the subject. The Movie mode is about average and the 16:9 ratio gives a better feel. The digicam delivers about 230 shots at full battery charge and if you turn off the LCD, you can get up to 700. Playback is more than 6 hours, which really takes the cake.

Taking pictures

The Face Detect that the SD900 ELPH offers in Portrait Mode is just too good. The Scene Mode captures pictures in perfect, rich color. The Category feature lets you organize your pictures by category – helps during playback.


Now for the not-so-good news

Here are some of the drawbacks of the Canon PowerShot SD900 ELPH:

  • This camera is far bulkier than some other models available in the market. So if you are looking for something “nano”, this one might not be for you.
  • The Mode dial, though useful, is just that slightly wobbly, so do not expect overmuch from it.
  • Optical viewfinder may not work accurately all the time.
  • Face Detect does not work to capture profile shots.
  • ISO 3,200 is only available at very low resolution. So you either have to alter that or manipulate your photos with software, later.
  • You cannot manually control aperture or shutter speed.
  • The camera gives only 3x optical zoom, which is less compared to today’s latest models.


The Canon SD900 ELPH is a sturdy, powerful and stylish camera that has an easy user interface as well. Very good for travel, it lets you capture the best pictures even in very low-light conditions. Accessories of this digicam even include an underwater case, which far increases its scope of photography. Of course, it also has its minuses. But if versatility, color clarity and tonality are your thing, you should definitely take a look at the SD900.


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    Nice Blog!

    Selling my Canon XH A1 video camcorder Semi-Pro to Pro quality.

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  2. I have noticed that in cameras, special sensors help to maintain focus automatically. The actual sensors connected with some cams change in contrast, while others use a beam associated with infra-red (IR) light, particularly in low lighting. Higher standards cameras at times use a mixture of both methods and could have Face Priority AF where the photographic camera can ‘See’ some sort of face while keeping your focus only in that. Thank you for sharing your ideas on this website.

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