Lytro Cameras with Added Features


The Lytro camera was introduced earlier this year and since then the company is eventful in coming up with new features and testing them. This camera is much useful in capturing interactive images and for this light field technology is put into use. On 4 December, this year the company is ready to release added features.


The new perspective shift feature lets the user focus the entire image. The 3D effect can be applied on the captured photos. These features where not available in the earlier version of this gadget. However, the 3D effect can be brought over even in the existing photos of the current version, which is beneficial for users of the Lytro camera. The next advantageous feature to be added is the desktop filter applications. It is quite natural that users need better filters to get a better view of the pictures. This feature lets the users enjoy the unique effects. They can make more out of the interactive features of the Lytro camera.

Benefits of Lytro Camera

The Lytro cameras are extremely efficient to be used in the healthcare industry too. The dermatologists can closely monitor the skin issues, and even the dentists can use this camera to get close up shot of the teeth. With the features, new accessories are also brought to the market. The users can make use of the cases and the tripod mount. With all these added features, the cost remains static, $399 for 8 GB and for 16 GB it is $499.

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