Lytro Introduces Light Field Camera ‘Lytro Illum for $1599


Lytro IllumA few years back Lytro Camera came in limelight for introducing the concept of ‘shoot now, focus later’. Now again Lytro has hit the tech news headlines for launching its unconventional designed light field camera-Lytro Illum. The look of the camera is more traditional and is also opposing the Lytro’s stereotyped Cuboidal shape.

Interesting Features

Lytro Illum is an efficient camera that can capture every minute information of the like the intensity, color and the direction of the light ray falling on it. This feature is quite helpful in manipulating the view and focal point of the shot image.

Major Upgrades

The gadget has been upgraded with the 1-inch sensor and light field sensor of 40-megaray capable of shooting a shutter speed of 1/4000. The camera also comprises of large aluminum lens of black lens that is enclosed inside a sleek and slim black body. There are 4 shooting modes available with Lytro Illum – ISO Priority, Program, full manual and shutter priority. The inbuilt software will enable the camera enthusiasts to change the images by adjusting the tilt, focus, field depth and perspective shift.

Lytro Illum will be hitting the market in the July 2014 with a price tag of approximately $1599. However, you can pre-order it at the Lytro’s website to get the camera ready for shipping in July 2014.

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