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DSLR users today are plentiful as the cost of these devices has dropped tremendously. In addition to that, even the manufacturers today cater to roughly three types of users which are the entry-level users, mid-experience users and professionals. There are a few must-have accessories on which will be discussed here for all types of users


Filters are a must have for any DSLR users simply because they protect the camera’s lens. In addition to that, UV coated filters will protect the eyes as well. Suffice to say, it is a lot cheaper to replace a broken filter rather than a broken lens.

Spare Battery

This is simply a must for all users especially those that are using their cameras for a whole day usage. It is better to keep one in case of the one that is being used finished rather than having an unusable camera. Original ones may cost a plentiful but there are also third-party manufacturers which would be around a third of the price of the original.

White Balance Lens Cap

It is important to keep the white balance settings correct so that the user will get the best colors possible at that particular place. There are two ways of doing it: getting an 18% grey card or a white balance lens cap. Some of these ranges from $45-$65 but it is definitely a good investment and doubles as a lens cap as well.

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