Nikon D4 and D800 to be launched in March


The Nikon D4 and D800 are two of the company’s best products so far but as of date, these aren’t available in any parts of the world just yet. This is because although the company had announced it, the products aren’t launched yet.

However, based on Q&A section in the company’s French Facebook page, it was revealed that the two products will be made available sometime in mid-March. The exact date for the D4 is on 15 March 2012 while the D800 is expected to be made available in stores sometime on 22 March 2012. As of date, there are only two countries on which the two devices will be made available on such dates and these are the United States as well as France. The fate of other countries around the world is still unheard of until the company releases an official statement through a medium. We expect it to be launched roughly at the same time or shortly after the initial launch.

These two cameras are both full-frame cameras with the D4 being the better one of the two. At a price of $6,000 for the D4 and $3,000 for the D800, not many people can afford it but then again, these are made for professionals and not for low-entry photographers.

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