Nikon D800E Dumps Low Pass Filters


The new Nikon D800E has reportedly dumped the low pass filter used for high-resolution photographs as Nikon has released details about the availability and pricing of the Nikon D800 DSLR and the D800E cameras.

The Nikon D800 and the D800E gadgets have a 36.3 MP sensor. Both the digital cameras use the new image-processing engine of Nikon called EXPEED 3. It represents a truly novel alternative to the previous version- the D700. It is a bit lighter although it is larger in some dimensions. The D800 is smaller than the Nikon D4 launched in the CES 2012 last month. The D800 series of DSLR cameras aims at perfecting the image capture in the studio or landscape style and optimizing the shooting of videos. The D800E solves the puzzle of using the low pass filters by avoiding them in a revolutionizing design.

The Low Pass Filter Solution

Ditching the low pass filters comes with many compromises in the camera design- moiré patterns and image aliasing increases depending on the shooting environment and the subject. However, they may be relatively easy to solve in the post-processing phase. This results in HD standards, which is suitable for landscape photographs.

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