Nikon Includes the D3200 to its DSLR Camera Line


Nikon today introduced one more camera to its low-end DSLR range. Nikon hopes that the sales figures will zoom up with this reasonably priced camera. Many of you may recall that the company’s D3100 was a great camera, but a tad bit too expensive if you were looking for entry-level cameras. Well, the D3200 seeks to complement its predecessor, without trying to overshadow it.


The Nikon D3200 looks very much like its predecessor, the D3100. Solidly built and yet lightweight, this one is easy to carry around on all of your trips.


The black-bodied D3200 will include an 18-55mm lens, a nice resolution upgrade to 24 megapixels (the more expensive D3100, in comparison, offered only 14 megapixels), higher resolution LCD display, Expeed 3 processing engine and more flexibility of options in low-light conditions.

Guide Mode

The Nikon 3200 also comes with a better Guide Mode, which offers very detailed tutorials to DSLR beginners. Of course, this feature cannot be used all the time – it merely works as a reference guide. All the same, this feature is certainly useful to amateurs wanting to pick up the basics of photography.

WiFi Dongle

One very important feature that sets the D3200 apart from its earlier generation camera is the WU-1A WiFi dongle, which is worth $60. This will enable you to beam your photos straightaway to your Android smartphone or mobile device. This feature will later be available to iOS device users as well, in just a few more months.

The Nikon D3200, priced at $700, is scheduled to enter the market at the end of April this year.

Source: Engadget

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