Olympus E-P3: OLED touchscreen, ultra fast AF and dual-core processor


Olympus has reinvented an awesome range of cameras named PEN, which marked the top of the range E-P3. Besides the CMOS sensor of 12.3 MP, the model has as a main feature the TruePic VI dual-core processor, which allows it to obtain an autofocus performance that we will not find on any other Micro Four Thirds camera, informs Dvice. With its amazing equipment, could place E-P3 over the rival Panasonic GH2 and DSLR’s like Nikon D3100.

E-P3 got rid of the plastic case that held the predecessors named E-P1 and E-P2, returning to the stainless steel “package”, that reminds us of the ’60s models. His upgrades include a 3 inch OLED touchscreen, which with its hardware buttons, adds an excellent intuitive control.

E-P3 also features a FAST AF autofocus system with 35 focus points, Illuminator AF technology to autofocus even in extreme low light conditions and ISO sensitivity up to 12800. And about the videos, the device comes with 1080i resolution with stereo sound.

Like its predecessor, the E-P3 will be available in black, silver or white. Buyers will have the option of an upgraded kit with 14-42mm lens, f3.5-5.6 II R, which will be available for $900.

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